Stream Your MP3s: Top Sites for Music Lovers

For those of you who like to enjoy music, finding a good and free platform will certainly be a challenge. This is because many platforms are free, but are often plagued with ads. The platform will eliminate ads if we buy the premium they provide which of course is somehow costly.

That is why this article will give you an explanation of free websites to listen to music. The website is YTMP3.

What is YTMP3

YTMP3 is a free website that is used to stream existing songs and can even download videos from YouTube. This website is free to use and no limit applies to downloading it.

If you wish to download videos from YouTube, YTMP3 can not only convert videos originating from YouTube into audio format but also facilitate downloads in video format.

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Because it is free and there is no limit in restrictions when downloading, then you can say that YTMP3 is the best YouTube to MP3 converter in the present.

Various Downloadable Contents in Ytmp3

Here are some various downloadable contents you can download with YTMP3:

YouTube Music Videos

You can watch and download music videos from artists on YouTube, whether it’s a music video with the original singer or a music video covered by another singer.

Therefore, YTMP3 can assist those who appreciate a singer and wish to enjoy their music uninterrupted. Simply download it in MP3 or MP4 format via YTMP3 based on your preferences, eliminating the need for continuous internet data usage, requiring only a one-time download.

YouTube Playlist Music

Some people combine multiple songs into a playlist in one video. For example, if you want the song list by Yoasobi, those songs then are combined into one video, containing a list of multiple songs.

You can also download this from YTMP3, the method used is simply to copy the YouTube link and paste the link into the box provided by YTMP3.

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This is quite simple because you don’t need a lot of things to download, just one link but there are many songs in it.

While a downloaded playlist is beneficial, it’s essential to note that YouTube videos should not exceed 90 minutes. Going beyond this duration may lead to errors during the download process.

YouTube Short

In addition to music videos and songs with long playlists that you can stream and download with YTMP3, there is one more thing that can be downloaded, namely a YouTube short. If there is one YouTube short video that is quite memorable for you and you want to save it then just press the share button, select the copy link paste the link on the YTMP3 website and the video will be downloadable.

4 Tips on Using YTMP3 Efficiently

Here are some tips on using YTMP3 efficiently.

1. Choose A Video That Comes From The Official Account

Choose a song that comes from the official account, for example, if you want to listen to a song from Yoasobi, then choose a video from the Yoasobi account directly. Or if you prefer to listen to the cover version, then choose the account of the cover owner.

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By selecting songs that come from the official account, the sound quality of the video is usually very clear, which will help you have a better music-listening experience.

2. Create Your Playlist Before Going To YTMP3

It would be better if you create your playlist on YouTube before using YTMP3. The reason for that is because it will help you when you try to download all the songs. You only need to download from your playlist, not for searching one by one anymore. Having a playlist before downloading on YTMP3 will make it efficient.

3. Stable Internet Connection

It would be better if you have stable internet because YTMP3 speed download depends on your internet connection. The faster internet connection you have, the faster the download will be.

4. Choose The Best-Quality Content

If you want to transform the video music into MP3 format, choose the best quality, which is 320kbps. With 320kbps, it will help you to listen to music more comfortably. If you want to download in MP4 format, choose 1080p if you want to see the video clearly but it requires amount of storage sizes. But If you want to save your disk on your PC or Smartphone, you can download with 720p, because 720p is enough.